Looking for a place to have lunch this afternoon, I decided to try Tropical Smoothie Cafe in the Publix shopping center.  I’ve driven by this place hundreds of times on my way to shop for groceries, even driving right past it again on my way to get some Chick Fil-A.  But this was my first time going inside.

I had been wanting to try the Chicken Pesto flatbread sandwich since I saw the ad for it months ago so I chose that and Travis, the manager and also my service person who took my order, asked if I wanted the “combo”.

Turns out that the already relatively inexpensive flatbread ($3.99) and 24 oz healthy smoothies ($4.99) can be made into a combo for about 8 bucks!  They also throw in a bag of chips.

My smoothie was the Acai Berry Boost with added protein.  Unsweetened or sweetened with splenda this smoothie is only 231 calories.   Mine had turbinado (raw sugar) and was really too sweet so next time I will ask for no added sugar.

The smoothie (which I couldn’t finish) and grilled flatbread sandwich were delicious and getting a fairly healthy meal for about the price of fast food is an added bonus!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is located on US 98, 11260 Panama City Beach Parkway in the Publix shopping center.

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