Last night I accompanied a friend for my first visit to one her favorite restaurants in Panama City, Ferrucci Ristorante.

We were greeted by the owner, Mike Ferrucci, who comes to us from Naples, Italy and brings with him a fantastic menu of authentic Italian dishes. I am a huge fan of Italian food so I came ready for indulgence.
I was not disappointed. Our server, Tania, brought us our first course, their special appetizer of the evening which was a fresh, made to order mozzarella cheese ball topped with prosciutto and roasted red peppers. This cheese is made right there in the kitchen and the combination is delicious with some of the bread and olive oil that comes with it.
Next we had their famous home-made tomato-basil soup. Again, this was perfect and understandably a favorite of many. There was just the right amount of tanginess and it wasn’t too sweet.
We then shared a primi piatti which was the Penne Dello Chef ( I think that translates to Chef’s Penne) so this must be his signature dish. It was a nice penne pasta, my favorite shape, with a tomato cream sauce, mushrooms, pancetta and peas. I loved it!
My friend wanted me to try her favorite dish so next we shared the Pollo Splendido which really was heavenly. It is a simple baked chicken with a mushroom sherry sauce, served with mashed potatoes and spinach.
Last, I really wanted to taste their home-made ricotta cheesecake. Their desserts are all home made from family recipes so I wanted to try one. I loved the cheesecake! It was very fresh and not too sweet.. just right! The fresh whipped cream and strawberries added to the perfection.
I am already planning my next visit to Ferrucci Ristorante. I have a friend coming in to town who will definitely want to order the Spaghetti Bolognese. I want to try the Pomodoro Fresco and the Pollo Alla Sorrentina and another dessert, the Panne Cotta!
You can find Ferrucci Ristorante downtown Panama City at 301 Harrison Ave. Follow them on Facebook too!

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