A friend of Beach Bux, has brought some kids to our attention.  She met these kids last weekend at a photos with Santa fundraiser for The Lucky Puppy, a local dog rescue that she has been actively working with for several years.

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When this friend realized that the adults accompanying these children were unable to afford the small donation to the rescue to give the kids a visit with Santa, she knew that what was even more upsetting was that there would likely be few or no gifts under their trees on Christmas morning.  The kids were allowed their visit with Santa and then this friend could not get the children out of her mind.

She quickly shared the story on Facebook and has assembled a group of friends who are willing to help, whether that means to donate toys, books or clothing or to wrap or gather it all up for Santa to deliver to the children.

Today, when visiting the homes of one of the two children, the friend learned more about the circumstances of each of the four families who live in the same community here in Bay County.   She was able to get some ideas of what gifts these children would like.

Currently there are about a dozen and a half friends who have committed to helping out.  There are 6 local children in need.  The plan is to have Santa show up to one of the homes on December 22.  That gives us 12 days!

We know that many of you have local organizations that you will likely want to help during the Christmas and holiday season.  We understand that a lot of you may not be able to afford to buy much this year.  But for anyone who can help, even if it is just $1, $2 or even $5, know that it will make a difference.  If 100 of you chip in just $2 each that is $200 that the group currently does not have.

If you can help us help these families we would be so very grateful!

Below are some options to choose from and of course we could gratefully accept more.  If you would like to contribute any amount that is not listed below, please email me and I will get you set up.

Click here to send $1

Click here to send $2

Click here to send $5

Click here to send $10

Click here to send $15

Click here to send $20

Click here to send $50

Click here to send $100

Update: There were 8 kids and the “Mission” happened last night, December 21st, 2013.  Read a little more here!

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