As an update to an earlier post about Deadeye Dick’s, the latest steakhouse to hit Panama City Beach, they opened today.

We were among the first customers to enjoy dinner at the new restaurant and it was definitely a nice experience.  From the first friendly greeting at the door to helpful assistance at the salad bar to the food and the servers, the experience ranks high on my list.

Our server, Suzanne, was an absolute pleasure and truly made sure that we were taken care of.  If Suzanne was not around, any of the other servers who happened to take notice that we might need something were glad to help out.  It was not especially busy at the early hour that we had our meal but I got the feeling that this was going to be the level of service expected at all times.

I chose to have the gourmet salad bar as a starter and shared a 12 oz prime rib dinner with my boyfriend.  The two sided salad bar was full of all of the things I expected and described in that earlier, pre-opening post and was definitely a meal in itself.   Some of the highlights for me were the cheeses, particularly a truffle brie, the grilled pineapple, and the hearts of palm, which I had managed to go my entire 45 years without having tried before.

The prime rib was perfectly done to medium rare and the sides I chose, a balsamic glazed peach with goat cheese and pecan topping plus jalapeno mashed potatoes were excellent and unique flavors certainly not found at any other steak house I’ve been to.  I can’t stop thinking about that peach!

Though I was definitely quite satisfied and packing away the remaining prime rib and potatoes for tomorrow, Suzanne and her fellow servers were able to convince me to try a dessert.  I really just wanted to try the home made ice cream but the only way to get it is with full dessert so I opted for the special southern peach and pecan pie with a side of peach ice cream.  Both were delicious but since I am more of an ice cream person (plus, it doesn’t pack well to take home) I brought most of the pie home with me for later.

Deadeye Dick’s is definitely unlike any place I’ve been anywhere, not just Panama City Beach, and high on my list of recommended restaurants to check out when you are here.

The restaurant is located at 9802 Front Beach Rd. right next door to its sister restaurant, Dirty Dick’s Crab House.  They are opened for lunch and dinner daily and plan to add a Sunday Brunch in a few weeks.
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