It took me over three years to finally check out Flamingo Joe’s Grill and Seafood but recently a friend suggested we meet there for lunch and I am glad she did.  It was really worth the visit!

The place is small inside with a patio out back.  You really get the casual beach town feel when you are there.
Flamingo Joe’s is a “Fast Casual” style restaurant with no table service and a window for ordering and the service is top notch for this style restaurant.

The menu offers typical seafood options found all over this beach and very non-typical burgers, such as the Island Burger, with a pineapple ring, cheese and huli sauce (we’ll get to that in a minute..).

I chose the Surf n Turf burger, a nice sized jerked burger topped with shrimp, pepper jack cheese, pepper parmesan dressing, lettuce and tomato and some huli sauce on the side.  I had never had the combination of burger and shrimp before and thought I’d give it a try.  It was really good!  That huli sauce was to die for.  A sweet ginger soy blend with possibly a bit of garlic in it.  I was dipping everything in it!

On the side, I got the black beans and rice.  They were excellent and a nice “island style” change from the usual red beans and rice that you find more often.

My friend got the Aloha Chicken, Fresh boneless grilled breast marinated in island Juices & spices, topped with provolone cheese, Lettuce, tomato, honey mustard, & huli sauce.  Oh that Huli sauce again!!

Her side was sweet potato fries, always a favorite of mine and we shared.  They were nice and crisp and great dipped in my new favorite dipping sauce.

Most entrees are offered as either a sandwich or a plate.  As a sandwich, you get one side.  As a plate, you get two.  I can’t wait to go back and try some of their seafood choices.  They offer very reasonably priced and plentiful baskets of fried seafood.  They also offer sandwiches and plates such as the Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi and one that interests me, the Bubba Gump, which is Select Swai (a white fish) fillet, grilled, topped with 4 grilled shrimp, jerk seasonings, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, honey mustard & huli sauce.

The menu is actually quite surprising when you consider the size of the place.  From hot dogs to burgers to turkey burgers, chicken and tons of seafood choices, plus chili, gumbo, cold sandwiches, salads and vegetarian dishes, there is probably not going to be anyone in your group who won’t find something tasty to enjoy.

The price is right, too.  Expect to pay around $30 for two adults on average, with tax and tip figured into it, though you could pay much less if you go for a sandwich and more if you go for their top item, the combination basket with oysters, shrimp and fish, fries, slaw and hushpuppies.  ($17)

Flamingo Joes is located at 2304 Thomas Drive, close to the Navy Base and near the turn off to Bay Point.

I can hardly wait to go back and try more of their menu!  Have you been?  Leave a comment here and if you haven’t .. I highly suggest you give them a try!

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