My face looks pretty ugly today.  And I am told it will get uglier over the next couple of days and then, like new as a baby once it all peels away.

I got my first ever medical grade TCA chemical peel yesterday afternoon.  I’d had microdermabrasion and used other levels of peels before as well as alpha hydroxy products to try to keep the aging at bay.  But when Stacy at Dream Medical Spa (now Dream Day Spa) suggested that I try their medical grade peel to work on some of the sun damage on my facial skin, I figured it was worth a try.  45 years of sun exposure, not all of which were protected with an SPF, had definitely put a mark on me.  Though many people don’t believe I am 45 and some may not even see the discoloration on my cheeks, I see it and I know that there is more under the surface just waiting to make me look old!

In fact, the dark spot on the photo to the right was not visible until yesterday after the solution was applied to my face.  There is another on the left side that also wasn’t there before.  Stacy explained to me that the process brings damaged cells to the surface and then they will flake away.  I am still in the “at the surface” stage, no flaking yet.

There was a burning sensation when the solution was applied and then Stacy cooled me off with an icy cloth.  She then applied 50 SPF sunblock and gave me instructions to continue to do the same when I am  going outside.  My face had a white mask look to it for most of the remainder of the day and then turned pink, with the scattering of black blotchiness appearing slowly over time.

This procedure is done in dermatologist offices and can cost several hundred dollars.  At Dream Medical Spa, the cost is just $150 for one peel and you can get your first one for half off using the Beach Bux coupon.

You can also use that coupon for other services if you’d prefer such as microdermabrasion, facial, or spray tan.

Dream Medical Spa (now Dream Day Spa) is located at the Promenade Mall, 8317 Front Beach Rd. upstairs level above the Anti-aging institute.  You can reach them on Facebook or at  850-249-3270.

Follow up to the above:  Dream Medical Spa is now closed and Stacy, nurse esthetician, now owns Dream Day Spa.  Some of the information above is no longer valid, however Stacy does offer a TCA peel and a full menu of other anti-aging skin treatments.

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