A few weeks ago a new breakfast and lunch spot, The Egg and I,  opened up in Panama City Beach and I had the privilege of giving them a try for breakfast on their opening day.  
The first thing we all needed was coffee!  I am often leery of coffee at restaurants, but our server, Shelton, assured me that it was good.  A couple of us got the Rainforest Bold which satisfied my taste for a strong but smooth cup of coffee and is also Rainforest Alliance certified which made me happy.  Another got the hazelnut which had a delicious aroma and she seemed to be enjoying it.  They also have a signature blend and seasonal blends that change so be sure and ask about those, too.  

I ordered the Mediterranean Frittata from the Smarter Choices menu not so much to be healthy but because it sounded good.  It was excellent!  Egg whites accompanied by diced chicken, fresh mozzarella, roasted roma tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and Greek seasoning.  It came with a side of fruit and I added some grits to mine.

One companion got the Hiker’s Benedict, Diced ham, asparagus, tomatoes, portabella mushrooms and two poached eggs on two English muffin halves. Topped with dill hollandaise sauce and two strips of crispy bacon.   This one came with ranch potatoes that looked delicious.

Another opted for the Egg Byte Omelette,  A three egg white omelette with diced tomatoes, green peppers, baby spinach, onions and portabella mushrooms.   This one also came from the Smarter Choices menu and was served with fresh fruit and a side of salsa. 

Our fourth friend went for the Stuffed French Toast, which is two pieces of French toast filled with diced pork sausage, melted cheese and scrambled eggs and served with ranch potatoes.   What a great combination!

Everyone was happy with their choice and we all plan to return to try other things.  The lunch menu looks pretty good, with burgers, salads, sandwiches and wraps.  I really want to try the Chicken Caprese Sandwich when I return for lunch one day soon!

Service at The Egg and I was outstanding!  Shelton really knew the menu, even though the restaurant is brand new.  And he was super attentive to our needs.  We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Taylor.  

Average entree prices for breakfast and lunch at The Egg and I are between $7.50 and $9.00 with a few items under $7 and a few over $9.  You can also add sides if you want more but the portions seemed plenty large for our group, which consisted of two men and two women of varying ages.

You will find The Egg and I at 1114 Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach near La Quinta Inn and Suites.  In addition to serving breakfast and lunch in their main dining area, there is space for groups which can be reserved for meetings and parties. 

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