Okay first of all, anyone who has been following my posts knows I have a favorite pizza place here on the beach. But there is always a reason to have more than one of every favorite category of restaurant. I can tell you right now that if someone asked me for the best steakhouse in town I would have to ask a couple of questions first and then choose one of two. Same with Italian and for seafood places there are many favorites.

So, there are pizza places for all types of occasions and needs. Yesterday, my desire for pizza outweighed the fact that I am currently in the phase 2 part of the South Beach diet. I wanted pizza!

Plus, I wanted to have lunch with some local business women and the idea of a whole pie and three people trying to

decide on toppings didn’t really appeal to me. Location was also a factor in my choice since we were all centrally located on the beach and had places to go afterwards that were close to the middle. Finally, was the fact that I had been in to Island Pizza Creations at Edgewater Shopping Center and had conversations with the owner, Bryan, and had promised to come and give them a try.
We ordered three ten inch pizzas and did them our own way. For mine, since I am trying to stick with my South Beach way of eating as much as possible, I opted for the whole wheat crust, the garlic alfredo sauce (oops, someone later reminded me that there is flour in alfredo sauce), topped with chicken, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, spinach and black olives. You get to choose your cheeses, too, so I went with mozzarella and then a bit of feta after it came out of the oven.
Well, I have to say that it was delicious!! I do enjoy a whole grain crust anyway so this would be my choice regardless. It is nice that they have this option. I know that not everyone is so fond of whole grain though, so I will share that my two companions were quite pleased with their traditional crust and the marinara sauce. I did snap a photo of one of theirs but the aromas were wafting and I was hungry so I never made it to the third one for a photo.
The ten inch pies with up to ten toppings were $7.99 each or you can do a combo, which includes a fountain drink and with a side or a dessert for $11.99.
I am definitely a fan and I think all three of us plan to return and try some different toppings.
With over 20 to choose from everyone should find something they like!
Island Pizza is located in the Shoppes at Edgewater just down from Firefly, next to the ice cream shop (how perfect is that?!!?) You can reach them at 850-249-7492 to order before you come.

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