Yesterday I was invited to join members of the press in a pre-taping interview and photo session with Jerry Springer before he went on stage in front of a crowd of Spring Breakers.  I write more about the show and why they are here over on PCBeNews as well as some video footage, but here on Beach Bux I have lots of photos to share!

While Jerry was interviewed by the major members of the press, I was able to capture a few shots.  He’s a very friendly down to earth guy who seems to really enjoy the young people.  Many locals have expressed distaste for his appearance here but many others separate him from his show.  The show has been on for 22 years because people watch it.  There were no crazy brawls planned for this appearance, just a bikini contest.

Following the interviews, which took place inside the Pussy Kat Lounge at Club La Vela, we were taken out to the stage where we were hidden on the right side, perfect position to get some footage of Jerry coming out,
not the greatest for actual stage shots, but that was OK with me.  I didn’t want to be in that crowd or end up on the show somehow.

Bikinis are kind of a Spring Break thing.  Last year, Panama City Beach participated in a bikini war, with the world’s largest parade during one of the biggest Spring Break weeks.

Next, the Springer crew was working up the excitement by tossing T-Shirts into the crowd, while girls danced on stage.  The young crowd started in.. “Jerry, Jerry!!” and then he came out….

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