If you are a local or a visitor looking for a unique experience in Panama City Beach, check out The Fab-Lab.

This business goes beyond the beach photo shoot (though they will do one if you request it, and I bet it would be far from typical).  Their photography portfolio ranges from fashion to glamour to swimsuit, from families and children to artsy retro shots and they take the camera on-site or bring you into their studio based on the client’s needs and wishes.  You can even get slightly naughty with a boudoir or pin-up session.

The Fab-Lab modeling piece of the business focuses on modeling and fashion classes for all ages.  Taken straight from the Facebook info page

” The Fab-Lab Girls “MODELING IS JUST THE BEGINNING” is a class/club setting built on developing a strong foundation on modeling, the industry, character, friendships , self esteem and self awareness. We believe a fun, fabulous, creative environment, free from judgment, is the best way for young ladies to learn the fundamentals needed for developing their talents. Modeling is just the beginning, rather your daughter wants to be the next super model or the next Kate Spade as a fashion designer. The concept is so that every girl will be able to learn through hands on activities from all areas of the industry, fashion, beauty, modeling, design and more. They will be learning and training as they progress through everything from AGE APPROPRIATE makeup, hair & wardrobe to set design,clothes design to even getting behind the camera. The girls will participate in age appropriate activities with other girls just like them. We will have many photo shoots, that are included, as well as participate in charity fashion events. And at the end of each series, A runway extravaganza!”

Check the page for more info on what you can expect from one of these classes.  
Owner, Dana DuBose Burns, calls herself the “creator of fabulousness” and is definitely gifted with a full on artistic, creative talent, pulling together her expertise as an award winning hair and makeup artist, expert photographer as well as all of the fabulous ideas that come exploding from her creative mind, bringing not just your usual photography experience but something so much more!
The Fab-Lab can be found at 8317 Front Beach Rd. in the Promenade Shopping Center, #37C.  They work very flexible hours with the client’s needs in mind.  Give them a call at 850-624-7169 and definitely give them a follow on Facebook!
Make sure to check often to see what the Fab-Lab is offering on Beach Bux!

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