I recently decided that after two years living on the beach and watching the tourists riding around on these things that I needed a scooter!  Gas prices approaching $4 a gallon was a big motivator and I found a used Genuine Scooter Company “Buddy” that fit my budget (in addition to giving my boyfriend a challenge, since it was not running when I bought it, in fact it was not even all in one piece)

I’d never ridden one before but I’d ridden a bicycle and driven a car so I figured, how hard can it be?  I mean, people rent them every day here on vacation so I am sure I can do it, too!

It did take some practice and I am still learning.  After nearly 30 years driving vehicles with 4 wheels, with the controls at my feet, I had to get used to hand controls.  (Even my bicycle, a beach cruiser, has foot brakes!) But I am getting the hang of it and feeling less nervous every day!   Other than the occasional SUV or car behind me who can’t deal with following me at 35 MPH on Front Beach, I am pretty comfortable now.

If you are visiting Panama City Beach, a scooter rental is a fun way to get around.  They save on gas, they are fun and they give you a new, fresh air perspective on the beach.  I noticed things today riding on Front Beach Rd. that I never realized were there.  When you drive a car, particularly when you live here, you tend to take Back Beach most of the time and can forget about all of the fun little places up and down the main drag.  For instance, I now know exactly where the new Spicy Noodle restaurant is located and plan to check that out soon!

I can imagine a fun day of scooter riding from the west end of Panama City Beach over to the State Park, with lunch along the way at my favorite lunch spot, Liza’s Kitchen.   Scooter rental will cost about $20 or so each for a half day, sometimes less in the off season.  Check out Classic Rentals or California Cycles at 850-233-1391.

You’ll spend a little for the scooter but will love leaving the car at the condo or hotel, especially with the gas prices these days!!

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