Fun Experience with Dolphin and Snorkel Tours

Update: Five and a half years and a category 5 hurricane later I am happy to see this business is going strong and has grown since this writing in the early days of her business venture. 

Yesterday, I was invited to take a ride along on a dolphin and snorkel tour with a tour operator of the same name. Lorraine, owner and operator of  Dolphin and Snorkel Tours, offers an experience that is unique, fun and educational all at the same time.

The morning tour was small, just Lorraine, a father and son (shout out to Joseph and Alex from Iowa!!) and me.  The small boat and passenger limit of just 6 allows for a very personalized tour.

We headed out from the marina at 11am and Lorraine took us to see an osprey nest.  We were able to see the mother and her babies. Then, she took us to visit Charlie’s Live Bait Barge.  Her buddy on the barge brought up the large bait cages to see what sea life was inside. A blue crab and an octopus were the highlights here.  Captain Lorraine brought the blue crab out for all of us to see up close.

Next, we were off to find dolphins and do some snorkeling.  Joseph and Alex were lucky to get to see a dolphin while they were in the water. Lorraine took us to a small shipwreck that is accessible to snorkelers and she went in to bring up some more sea life for us to see.  We learned about whelk egg casings and got to see one.  I, for one, had never really thought about the origins of these shells.

I really enjoyed this fun, informal, informative and friendly eco-tour.  Captain Lorraine strives to bring a unique experience to her tours and she does so with her passion and knowledge of the sea life that surrounds her every day.  I appreciate that her passion includes conservation of sea life.

Technology gadgets are also available on all tours.   With the hydrophone, visitors can listen to the sounds of the dolphins in the water.  She also has an underwater camera on board for the non-swimmers on her tours.

Learn more about Dolphin and Snorkel Tours on their website and their Facebook page or give Lorraine a call at 850-866-8815.

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