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    Hitting send will bring you to the payment page where you will pay for your first year on Please note that Beach Bux is owned and run by Delightful Sites, therefore, the payment page and credit card transaction will display Delightful Sites. If you have any questions you may email or call Leslie 925-788-9045.

    Things to consider when deciding on your coupon offer:

    Expiration date – The coupon can have an expiration date and will cease to appear on your page when that date has passed.  Make yourself a reminder to update the coupon with us when your coupon expires.

    You do not have to include an expiration date.  If no expiration date is included, the offer will continue indefinitely.

    Change Your Offer –  Though most business owners do not make changes often, it does make sense to change the offer from time to time.  Making a change keeps your page fresh, plus it also gives us something new to post on the newsletter and social media.  Changes to your offer mean more exposure for you!  Free accounts get up to 6 changes per year.  Paid accounts can make changes monthly.

    Amount of your offer – If your business is a place that can be frequented often, consider the amount carefully.  Unless you are able to identify your clients, such as in a spa or salon, you should keep the amount in a range that will entice without hurting your business if many locals or regulars use the offer.  A free item with purchase is always good.

    If your business is able to track clients, consider making the coupon for new clients only.

    If your business is unable to track clients, such as a restaurant, activity or retail, keep the discount low enough to help, not hinder your business.

    Fine print – Let us know if you prefer that customers cannot use this coupon in combination with any other offers.  This is usually the case.  If any particular item or holiday dates are excluded, let us know!


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