How to Stay Safe at the Beach

Follow These Safety Tips On Your Next Beach Vacation


Going to the beach is a wonderful way to make memories. Staying safe at the beach is the best way to ensure those memories are ones you want to remember. The next time you and your family decide to go to the shore, keep in mind the following tips to stay out of harm’s way.

Swim Safely

Even the strongest swimmer can fall victim to an unruly tide. Taking precautions before going for a dip in the ocean will ensure you stay alive. Keep an eye out for the lifeguard on duty and listen to any cues he sends. Also, follow any available swim guides. Never swim in the dark and always be sure to have a buddy with you or keeping an eye on you from the beach.

Look for Warning Signs

Staying aware of your surroundings will help you stay safe while at the beach. Most beaches have a system to let you know whether the ocean is safe to swim in. You should look at color-coded beach flags to determine how safe the water is. Also, keep an eye out for impending weather by watching for cloud cover or a change in sky color. If you are not sure what to look for or have any questions, you can always reach out to the nearest lifeguard on duty for help or any other beach authority nearby.

Use the Buddy System

While we all enjoy some solitude from time to time, it is important to utilize the buddy system while at the beach. Accidents happen—crabs can pinch and jellyfish can sting you when they wash up on the shore. Riptides can be unpredictable, and wild weather can roll in with very little warning. Having someone at the beach with you at all times is a great way to not only stay safe but also to enhance the fun you can have. Especially when it comes to swimming, make sure someone knows where you are in the water at all times and that that person knows how to call for help if the worst should arise. Doing so will keep you safe and have you enjoying your time at the beach, longer.

Keep the experience of going to the beach a fun one that you enjoy and look forward to year after year. Stay safe and have fun in the sun!

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