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How You Can Support Your Struggling Local Businesses During the Shutdown

During the recent global pandemic, local businesses have been pleading with the public to support them. In addition to wearing masks, washing your hands often, and being respectful of social distancing, it is also important to support your local businesses during the shutdown in order to maintain a functional society. Want to know how? Here are a few ideas:

Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to give cash now to businesses so you can patronize them later. Many companies are promoting gift cards as a means of staying afloat during the crisis. Consider buying gift cards for birthday presents, wedding gifts, or even just a friendly appreciation note. Whether you use them in the near future or save them for a special date, gift cards can benefit both you and the local businesses that you love.

Give Bigger Tips

Giving bigger tips is another way that you can support your local businesses during the shutdown. If you’re getting takeout from local restaurants or are shopping from local retail stores, make sure you tip generously. Tipping well shows that you are appreciative of the service you have received and have a generous spirit. It will make you feel good and help your local businesses and employees stay afloat. Even if you’re receiving takeout, it’s still a good idea to tip your server, who still has done the work to serve and please you.

Support a “New Normal”

If you have a steady income and are financially able, try to create and support a “new normal” during these times of uncertainty. In other words, try to keep paying your cleaning staff, maintenance crew, hair stylists, and nannies. Check to see which of your services are being offered online. Many private coaches, teachers, tutors, and therapists have altered their services to be offered online through videos or conference calls. If any of your memberships or subscriptions have been temporarily suspended, you can keep paying them or offer donations to the organization. These measures may seem simple, but they can make all the difference to those whose livelihood depends on the success of their job and business.

Buying gift cards, giving generous tips, and encouraging a new normal are three simple ways that you can support your struggling local businesses during the recent shutdowns. There are many other ways that you can support your local businesses as well. If you run out of ideas, try asking some of your favorite businesses how you can help!

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