Liza’s Kitchen – a Bargain Every Day

As far as I know, there are no winter specials going on at Liza’s Kitchen.  And you can definitely get a sandwich for a lot less elsewhere on the beach.  But sometimes a bargain is defined as getting more than you expected, no matter what the cost may be.

When we first found Liza’s it was by accident.  We were out riding our bikes last Spring and looking for a place to eat in an area of the beach that was mostly unfamiliar to us both.

I caught sight of the colorful patio umbrellas and, being a female and as interested in the “cuteness” of a place as I am in the quality of the food, I said, “let’s go there!”

We were in for a real treat.  As we got closer, we heard music coming from the patio.  It turns out there is live music on the weekends.  The interior decor has a casual atmosphere with a bit of a “hippy” theme going, making me think a little bit of something I might find in the San Francisco area.

Expecting more of the same fried seafood that we love but don’t always need, especially when we are out bike riding, we were pleasantly surprised with the menu at Liza’s, full of fresh, homemade soups, salads and sandwiches, plus weekend brunch items.

He had the “Black and Blue” and continues to order the same sandwich every visit.  The Black and Blue is a hot roast beef sandwich on homemade focaccia bread topped with blue cheese, red onions and horseradish mayo.

I had the “Hippy Chick” with roasted chicken, goat cheese, spinach, roasted red pepper and spicy mayo on focaccia.  I’ve since moved on to a “B.Y.O.S.” which stands for build your own sandwich, with a variation of the Hippy Chick but with pesto and eggplant instead of the mayo and red peppers.  It is absolute heaven.

Sandwiches come with a side and you can choose potato chips, potato salad, fresh fruit or a mixed green salad.  I usually upgrade to a cup of homemade tomato-basil soup.  I should mention that the Hippy Chick, Black and Blue and Build Your Own are all in the range of $7.50-8.50 for a whole sandwich.  Definitely a bargain for the fresh and homemade ingredients, the ambience and the nice staff to bring it to your table.

Liza’s Kitchen is located at 7328 Thomas Drive across from the public beach.  They are open weekdays from 11-4, Saturdays and Sundays from 9-3.  Well behaved dogs are welcome on the patio.

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