The Best Time for Sushi? Lunch Time!

If you love sushi and can get to Shan Kishi on Back Beach Rd. between 11 and 4:30 you can enjoy some delicious creations for a lot less money.

Every day of the week, Shan Kishi offers an “all you can eat” menu for just $16.99 during this lunch and pre-dinner period.  That is great savings on sushi when I am used to spending about $20-25 per person for quality sushi elsewhere.

Having come to Panama City Beach from the San Francisco Bay Area, I tend to be disappointed by many of the asian restaurants that we have here but this place offers delicious, fresh and artfully crafted rolls, ample serving sizes and very friendly service.

The sushi is all made fresh to order so don’t expect it to be super fast.  Ask for some edamame (boiled, salted soy beans) to keep you busy while you wait.

When ordering, your server will advise you that the all you can eat menu has one very important rule.  Don’t over order.  If you do, you will pay for the remaining pieces.  With the high price of food these days, the restaurant does not want to pay for wasted food.  But if you can eat it, you can have it.

The menu offers a fairly extensive list of make sushi (that’s the rolls), nigiri sushi (the fish or other item atop rice) and hibachi items.

Located at 13800 Panama City Beach Parkway (Back Beach Rd. or otherwise known as hwy 98) right behind Carrabba’s, you can reach Shan Kishi at 850-249-3663

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