The Place Restaurant

If you find yourself downtown Panama City and hungry there is an eclectic little restaurant called The Place that you really should try. I have been on a number of occasions and the food has always been good.
The menu is fairly basic, with burgers and other sandwiches, salads and seafood baskets. In the evening a small entree menu is available, all but one of which are under $15. The prime rib, the one item on the entire menu, is offered at two price and size points. You can have the 10 ounce cut for $14.99 or the 16 ouncer for $18.99. Our server on the last visit assured us that it is wildly popular, however, we were unable to try it because they were out. Next time!

We didn’t really have the appetite for a starter but the “just a bite or two” menu offers a nice selection of appetizer sized items. The choices appealed to me as a “tapas” or small plates type of menu, too, for those who prefer to nosh on a variety of different tastes rather than order a traditional entree. Mussels in white wine, pan seared yellow fin tuna, wings, fingers and even nachos.

We went for the flat iron steak and the blackened red fish. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and I opted for a side of sweet potato fries (my favorite!) and mixed vegatables. It also came with garlic toasts. The fish was blackened to about a medium spiciness and served over crawfish linguine. Delish!
The Place offers an all you can eat fish fry on Fridays, served family style for just $9.99 per person. I definitely want to go back and check that out!

The decor is casual and somewhat eclectic, with hanging windows and umbrellas and the food served on mismatched corelle. I ate my steak on the same plate design that I grew up with!

If you are downtown or even if you are not, stop in for a bite to eat at The Place. They are located at 429 Harrison Ave in Panama City. Give their Facebook page a “like” to make sure you are kept informed of all of their specials and events.

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