traveling on a tight budget

Traveling on a Tight Budget

How to Stretch the Pennies While Traveling

Pack Some Food

When you are heading out for a trip, packing food can save money and your mood when you feel hungry, especially when you are traveling on a tight budget. It is very useful to pack food when you travel, whether you are simply heading for day trips or a long vacation. This is one of the many ways to save money on a tight budget.

Packing food for traveling will also allow you to ensure that you have nourishing and healthy food ready whenever you or your family members or friends get hungry. This way, you will not have to rely on the availability of the closest rest store. Packing food is also the simplest way to ensure that you have options that are easy and safe for you to enjoy.
With that being said, packing food for traveling can be a bit daunting, especially if you have not done it before. Thankfully, you can make use of these tips from My Kitchen Advisor so that you never have to travel hungry or wait for the nearest restaurant. Keep reading to find out how to plan a vacation on a tight budget.



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Shop At The Right Stores

The next tip about traveling on a tight budget is quite simple. Buying food at small groceries, farmers’ markets, supermarkets, or even drug stores with pantry aisles will help you save lots of money. All you need is some fruits or maybe some fresh bread with a few slices of cheese or meat, and you have got yourself nutritious meals on a tight budget.

You won’t even have to worry about how to buy keto groceries on a tight budget as small markets and stores also sell eggs, yogurts, and low-carb vegetables. Moreover, this will only cost you a few dollars. The following plans will help make your traveling experience easy and cheap:

  • Visit small bakeries in the late afternoon as they sell their produce at half price to sell the products before throwing them out. 
  • Only purchase items in small quantities from counters; additionally, only buy what you really need to eat. This way, you can sample various local non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals on a tight budget.
  • Bring simple reusable utensils from home with you. Otherwise, it is pretty easy to find plastic, spoon, forks, knives, regardless of where you’re traveling to. 
  • Try not to bring items that have to be opened with a special tool. For instance, get a wine bottle with twist-off caps. Anything canned might cost you money. So, only carry stuff that can fit in a Tupperware box and a water bottle.
  • Also, carry a few zip-top bags for leftovers
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Dine At The Right Restaurants

Restaurant meals are unavoidable when you’re traveling. Trying out local food is an essential part of traveling. However, if you are staying at a hotel, try to avoid asking the staff for recommendations. They usually suggest expensive or touristy spots that are near the hotel they are in business with. 

You should ask baristas and bartenders where they like to eat or do a thorough search on the internet to list the best cheap restaurants in the city. Compare the prices and the reviews to find healthy meals on a tight budget. Search online for suggestions from expats living in the area as they know where the best foods at the lowest prices are located. People tend to consume their biggest meals at dinner; this is when food usually costs the most. Instead, make lunch your heaviest meal as it’s cheaper and will give you more energy. Some smart tips for eating on a tight budget are:

  • If you are traveling with a child, you should dine at restaurants where “kids eat free” promotions are available.
  • Try to eat light; for example, eat appetizers for a meal if you’re traveling by yourself. 
  • If available, order from the tourist or fixed-priced menu. 
  • If you’re traveling with your partner, then you could split an entrée. Order a salad or an extra side dish if you need more. 


Search for Restaurant Offers On A Tight Budget

The great aspect of traveling on a tight budget is that many restaurants offer discounts and coupons to promote themselves in various outlets. Before you travel, you should go through your destination’s official tourism website and look for coupons or discounts. Try to reduce your dining costs as much as possible. You can look for restaurant discounts with the following tips:
Look up at booking sites of international restaurants. For instance,,, and offer coupons or discounts for more than 12,000 restaurant partners across Europe and Australia.
You can simply Google your location and the relevant restaurant discounts; some offers will definitely come up. If that is not enough, you go through plenty of international dining sites. You can look for local discounts, but you will have to translate them through Google.
Promotional sites like and also provide offers through email.
Sites like offer Pay-in-advance options where you can get $25 restaurant gift cards for $10.You can also win special promo offers and codes if you register for its email newsletters.
You can become a member of organizations like AARP and AAA, as they often provide discount codes and coupons for a lot of popular chain restaurants as gifts to their members.
Nowadays, there are a lot of apps that offer discount codes for popular supermarket chains. So you won’t have to worry about what groceries to buy on a tight budget.

Vacation Ideas On A Tight Budget

The best way to save money on traveling is by visiting a place that isn’t too expensive. Try to search online for places that you can travel to-and-from within a budget. Figure out how much you can spend on a trip and look for the best places to travel to, based on the amount of money you can afford to spend.

You will get tons of options, mostly within your own country; but, that isn’t a bad choice. Why travel to other countries when you haven’t really traveled your own land? We are sure that you’ll find lots of beautiful places to visit right in the next state. All you need to do is a little bit of research, and you will come up with the best vacation ideas on a tight budget. 

And That Is All You Need!

We are confident that by implementing the above-mentioned tips and plans, you will be able to have a fun and memorable trip on a tight budget. We did our best when it came to research—and you should have everything you know here. Apart from saving money, you will be able to travel comfortably as well. If you have any further queries about this topic or article, please leave a comment below.

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