Who Dat Shrimp, Po Boys and Gumbo

We took a walk on Saturday with the dog and ended up at Bayou on the Beach for lunch.  The food was really good, in fact, I think they might make the best oyster po-boy that I’ve seen on the beach yet.

The oysters were a nice size and flavored just right, the tomatoes red and ripe and the lettuce was a dark green leafy romaine.  Accompanied by a side of crisp fries, this made a perfect lunch at a price of about!

Our relatively close proximity to New Orleans brings a tendency towards a slew of places with New Orleans style menu items.  Several restaurants in town and on the beach offer po-boys.  The one my boyfriend had on Saturday at Bayou on the Beach was just beautiful.  I tasted an oyster and it was so perfectly seasoned, lightly floured, plump and juicy.  The tomatoes were ripe and red and the lettuce was green and leafy. The po-boy and fries are priced at about $8.

Mine was the Who Dat shrimp.  These were the larger sized gulf shrimp, fried and then tossed in a sauce that is much like the Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish or the Firecracker Shrimp of Montego Bay and Saltwater Grill.  But they put a creamier spin on this dish and it is really delectable.  An extra-large serving of extra crispy sweet potato fries rounded out my lunch for a combined price of about $9.50.

His son had a huge bowl of the gumbo and I didn’t taste it but it looked great and both of the guys said it was tasty.  The gumbo is served with salad and a crispy “pee-wee” roll. The price for the gumbo is on the high side at $11.99 but it does include a salad and a roll.

There are lunch specials for $6.50 but on the day we visited they were not available.  Be sure and ask your server for the lunch menu for one of these offerings.

You will find Bayou on the Beach at 11115 Hutchison Blvd., just past R. Jackson across from Tyndall Credit Union.

Fatty Patty’s – Cute Name, Cute Cafe

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