We made it to Beach Yoga on Tuesday.  This free class is offered at Spinnaker Beach Club each Tuesday at 6pm (actually started last Tuesday, the 12th) and on Fridays at 10am.  Having practiced yoga from time to time in the past, I love the idea of yoga on the beach!

This class is for all levels and Jackie, the instructor, encourages the participants to go at their own pace.  As I expected, the beach location, with the sun setting over the gulf added a very enjoyable and calming aspect to the experience.
What I had not expected or thought of was how difficult some of the poses would be once my feet had created all of the divets in the sand.  I can’t use that excuse entirely for my lack of balance, it had been years since my last yoga lesson,  but it certainly did not help.
If you live here or will be here between now and November, I do recommend giving this class a try.  Though very out of practice, I was able to stay in the poses enough to get a nice stretch.  I felt very invigorated after.   And even though I didn’t push myself, I definitely got a work out, evident in the way my shoulders and abs feel yesterday and today.
While yoga is free, Spinnaker hopes that attendees will join them for a meal in the Paradise Grill or remember them when it’s time to party!
Spinnaker Beach Club is located at 8795 Thomas Drive.  They offer the Paradise Grill Restaurant, The Cantina Taco and Tequila Bar, several locations for music and fun, great events plus beach activities!
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